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ADA Web Compliance is the law

Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) web compliance is mandatory to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to online information. Non-compliance can expose businesses and organizations to legal risks and potential lawsuits for discrimination.

How does inclusive design benefit blind users?

Inclusive design integrates features like screen readers and proper content structure, enhancing usability for blind individuals.

Which guidelines address the needs of cognitive and blind users?

WCAG guidelines emphasize content clarity, navigation, and compatibility, catering to users with cognitive impairments and blindness.

Alt Text for Images is vital

Lack of Alt text for images  without descriptive alternative text (alt text) can prevent visually impaired users from understanding the content.

Poor Color Contrast

Insufficient color contrast between text and background can make it difficult for people with visual impairments to read the content. This important issue can cause your site to fail compliance test. 

Why Should Videos be Captioned?

Videos without captions or audio descriptions can exclude individuals with hearing impairments.

What are key accessibility guidelines?

Guidelines include WCAG, focusing on perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust digital content.